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Microcredit | Compare Microcredit Providers

What is a microcredit? Microcredit is a common term in the financial world. In the first instance, you may associate this form of borrowing with developing countries, where small self-employed people can build a livelihood through microcredit. But did you know that microcredit is also a popular loan with us? This concerns a small amount Read More

Borrow money without BKR registration

The Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel registers almost all loans and other financial obligations that private individuals enter into. In principle, every loan, credit card or long-term obligation such as a private lease contract for a car is registered with the BKR. There are agencies that do not register their loans with the BKR. Read More

The dangers of a variable interest

If you want to obtain the lowest possible base rate today, it is always advisable to opt for a variable interest rate. The reason for this is not too far away. When you choose to take out a loan with a fixed interest rate, the full interest rate risk lies with the bank. In other Read More

When you lend money to a loved one – Relative Loan

Within the eve of family events over the holidays, many elderly people will be tempted to be large to their families. How can all of us avoid that our gesture associated with kindness turns against all of us? And what is the difference between appreciate money and financial misuse? Love cash versus financial abuse ABC, Read More